Serving All Patients

My Dental Advocate offers the ability to consult a dentist from the comfort of your own home. Our board-certified dentists will evaluate your proposed dental work by securely analyzing your x-rays and questionnaire to bring you peace of mind for your dental health. Or, we’ll offer alternative treatment options so you can feel confident moving forward with your dental work.

Cost-Saving Resource

My Dental Advocate was born from a dentist’s desire to clarify patients’ dental needs.

At his practice, he met numerous clients overwhelmed and trapped by their impending dental procedures. They posed questions such as, ‘Is the recommended procedure essential?’, ‘What happens if I do nothing?’ and ‘Are there more cost-effective alternatives?’

Responding to these concerns, he recognized a chance to enhance patient communication and promote comprehension of various dental alternatives. Consequently, My Dental Advocate was established, allowing everyone to tap into expert advice and educational resources.

Dr. Matthew Hannan also known as "Dr. Advocate" | My Dental Advocate
Dr. Matthew Hannan also known as "Dr. Advocate" | My Dental Advocate

Your Personal Dentist

👋 Hey there, I’m Dr. Matthew Hannan, also known as “Dr. Advocate.” Born and raised in Texas, I attended Baylor University before completing dental school at UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry. My beautiful wife and I now live in Arizona with our four children.

My commitment to helping others inspired 9 family trips to Guatemala, where my wife and I provided physical therapy and dental services to the underserved.

Equipped with portable dental gear, my team and I trekked into the heart of the Guatemalan mountains to provide care to isolated communities. Many locals we met had never had dental services before and expressed profound gratitude for our assistance.

My spiritual conviction is a pivotal anchor, inspiring me to love God and others. I strive to mirror the life of Jesus Christ, extending compassion to those in need and offering support to my community.

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Our Vision

My Dental Advocate seeks to educate and empower patients of all ages by providing accessible educational resources and a cost-effective, remote, comprehensive dental consultation from a board-certified dentist. Our goal is to familiarize patients with common dental issues, provide educational tools to manage them and inspire clarity to pursue improved oral health for a brighter future.

Guatemala Mission Trips

My family has made 9 trips to Canilla, Guatemala, to provide medical, dental and physical therapy services to those in need. We partner with Docs for Hope and Adonai International Ministries, traveling to remote communities in the mountains and valleys, providing treatment and sharing the gospel. Check out photos from our trips and learn more about both organizations’ commitment to providing medical care in Guatemala.