5 Best Mouthwash for Sensitive Teeth 2024 (Dentist-Recommended)

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Dr. Matthew Hannan | My Dental Advocate
Best Mouthwash for Sensitive Teeth | My Dental Advocate

Mouthwash is a popular dental care product widely used to freshen breath, reduce plaque, and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

When it comes to sensitive teeth, choosing the right mouthwash is crucial.

As an experienced dentist with years of experience, I’ve tested and evaluated 250+ dental products. I strive to find the best products for achieving excellent oral hygiene, so let’s take a closer look at the Best Mouthwash for Sensitive Teeth from a dentist’s perspective.

Buying Guide

  1. Best Overall: Listerine Sensitivity
  2. Best Enamel Repair: Sensodyne Pronamel
  3. Best Alcohol-Free: Crest Pro-Health Densify
  4. Best Non-Irritating: Closys Fresh Breath
  5. Best Sensitive Gums: Closys Ultra Sensitive

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Causes & Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth

When you have sensitive teeth, certain activities, such as brushing, eating, and drinking, can cause sharp, temporary pain in your teeth. Below are the common causes and symptoms of sensitive teeth:

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  • Enamel Erosion: Acidic foods and drinks can wear away your tooth enamel.
  • Receding Gums: Gum disease or aggressive brushing can lead to gum recession, exposing the sensitive root of your tooth.
  • Tooth Decay: Cavities or cracked teeth expose the tooth’s sensitive inner layers.
  • Teeth Grinding: This habit can wear down enamel over time.


  • Sharp Pain: Triggered by hot, cold, sweet, or acidic foods and beverages.
  • Pain with Pressure: Occurs when biting down or brushing teeth.
  • Occasional Aching: Random, fleeting discomfort without an obvious trigger.

To manage these symptoms, ensure you’re using a soft-bristled toothbrush, avoiding overconsumption of acidic items, and seeking advice from your dentist for appropriate treatments.

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This list has been carefully put together to include the most gentle yet effective mouthwashes to ensure your dental routine is both soothing and beneficial.

Each mouthwash selected aims to offer relief from sensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel, all while freshening your breath and keeping your smile sparkling.

1. Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash (Best Overall)

Zero Alcohol
Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash

24-Hour Sensitivity Relief: Contains Potassium Oxalate to shield sensitive teeth, providing round-the-clock relief with consistent use.

Zero Alcohol Formula: Offers a less intense, alcohol-free option that kills 99.9% of bad breath germs, leaving your mouth feeling clean without the burn.

Crystal Block Technology: Targets the root cause of sensitivity by sealing exposed dentin tubules, preventing discomfort from reaching nerve endings.

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06/13/2024 09:30 am GMT

Dentist Review

Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash stands out as the best overall choice for sensitive teeth.

It eases the discomfort from hot or cold foods by targeting the root cause of sensitivity, not just masking the pain.

Its formula, designed to protect sensitive areas, ensures long-lasting relief.

What makes it superior is its dual-action approach: it kills 99.9% of bad breath germs while providing 24-hour protection against sensitivity, without the harshness of alcohol.


  • Rapidly decreases tooth sensitivity
  • Freshens breath effectively
  • Alcohol-free, making it gentle on the mouth


  • Slightly unorthodox taste that might require getting used to
  • Can be challenging to locate in local stores
  • Flavor may not appeal to everyone

You’ll find your sensitive teeth thanking you for the comforting rinse of Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash.

2. Sensodyne Pronamel Intensive Repair (Best Enamel Repair)

Hardens Enamel
Sensodyne Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair
$18.36 ($1.09 / Fl Oz)

Intensive Enamel Repair: Sensodyne Pronamel Intensive Repair Mouthwash helps actively repair weakened enamel, penetrating deep to reinforce enamel strength and protect against cavities.

Daily Defense Against Acid Erosion: Locks in vital minerals to fortify enamel, providing a shield against daily acid attacks and enhancing overall tooth health.

Freshness and Protection: Offers an Extra Fresh flavor for a refreshing mouthfeel, while being the #1 dentist-recommended brand for combating enamel erosion.

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06/13/2024 09:35 am GMT

Dentist Review

Sensodyne Pronamel Mouthwash stands out for its enamel repair capabilities, offering a unique experience without the harsh burn typical of other mouthwashes.

Its mild yet refreshing flavor makes it an enjoyable addition to daily oral care, effectively complementing toothpaste to provide comprehensive protection against temperature sensitivity and sugar damage.

While its premium price reflects its specialized formulation, the investment contributes to ongoing enamel strength and health, ensuring your teeth are well-protected between dental visits.


  • Offers a gentle formula that noticeably reduces dental sensitivity
  • Enhances enamel re-hardening without the discomfort of alcohol-based mouthwashes
  • Leaves a pleasantly mild minty taste without an overpowering burn


  • The price might be a bit steep for the 8.4-ounce volume
  • The bottle size could be larger for regular use, leading to frequent purchases
  • Packaging and labeling might arrive in a different language, depending on the source

You should give this mouthwash a try if you’re seeking relief from sensitivity and want to protect your enamel without the harshness of alcohol.

3. Crest Pro-Health Densify (Best Alcohol-Free)

Crest Pro Health Densify Fluoride Mouthwash
$16.88 ($0.53 / Fl Oz)

Enamel Strengthening: Crest Pro Health Densify Mouthwash actively rebuilds tooth density, resulting in 2x stronger enamel compared to brushing alone, extending the life of your teeth.

Cavity Prevention: Enhanced with fluoride to fortify teeth against cavities and restore weakened enamel for improved dental health.

Comprehensive Care: One bottle provides a complete solution to enhance enamel strength and fight tooth decay, supporting overall oral health.

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06/13/2024 09:40 am GMT

Dentist Review

Crest Pro-Health Densify is the best alcohol-free mouthwash for its ease of use and effectiveness. Its gentle formula eliminates the typical burn of mouthwashes, making daily use pleasant with its clean mint flavor.

It not only freshens breath but also actively strengthens enamel and fights cavities, offering a comprehensive oral care solution without discomfort.

This makes maintaining oral health not just simple, but enjoyable, encouraging consistent use for stronger, healthier teeth.


  • Mild yet effective formula that doesn’t cause discomfort, ideal for sensitive teeth.
  • The mouthwash leaves no residue or stickiness, allowing for a clean feeling.
  • Promotes stronger enamel, potentially lessening future dental issues.


  • The taste might not appeal to everyone, as personal preferences vary.
  • May be on the pricier side compared to other mouthwashes.
  • A single flavor option limits choices for those who prefer variety.

Crest Pro Health Densify provides a refreshing experience without the burn, perfect for someone seeking to bolster their enamel and fight cavities.

4. Closys Fresh Breath Mouthwash (Best Non-Irritating)

CloSYS Non-Irritating Sensitive Mouthwash
$11.48 ($0.36 / Fl Oz)

In 1980, Dr. Perry Ratcliff founded Closys to replace ineffective and irritating oral rinses.

He formulated an extremely effective yet gentle oral rinse that a small group of dentists praised. Closys Oral Care was born and continues to create high-quality, comfortable oral rinses.

Their products are made in the USA and are free from alcohol, sulfates, and triclosan.

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06/15/2024 04:55 am GMT

Dentist Review

CloSYS Fresh Breath (Gentle Mint) Mouthwash stands out as the best non-irritating mouthwash due to its unique, gentle formula that eliminates the harsh sting associated with traditional mouthwashes.

From the first use, it offers a refreshing experience that leaves the mouth feeling clean and fresh all day long, without the usual discomfort.

Its long-lasting odor control provides continuous confidence, making it ideal for those with busy lifestyles.


  • Works rapidly to neutralize bad breath and is effective for up to 24 hours.
  • Its alcohol-free formula eliminates the stinging sensation often experienced with other mouthwashes.
  • Maintains a pH balance that is as mild as water, making it highly tolerable for sensitive mouths.


  • May be pricier compared to some other mouthwashes on the market.
  • The gentle mint flavor might be too mild for those preferring a stronger taste.
  • Some users might prefer mouthwash with additional whitening agents, which this does not have.

If you struggle with sensitive teeth, CloSYS Gentle Mint Mouthwash is a soothing solution for daily oral hygiene without the discomfort.

5. Closys Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash (Best Sensitive Gums)

CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash
$21.95 ($0.34 / Fl Oz)

CloSYS Mouthwashes you can protect your mouth from harmful bad breath germs and freshen your breath without the painful burn.

CloSYS is one of the first mouthwashes to receive the American Dental Association seal for reducing bad breath. This gentle but powerful mouthwash is perfect for all ages because its patented formula is pH-balanced and so gentle you’ll actually use it longer for better results.

A 30-second rinse in the morning and evening after each brushing is easy, and all it takes to get great results. CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash comes unflavored so it's like water and even tastes like water.

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06/14/2024 11:15 pm GMT

Dentist Review

CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash is ideal for sensitive gums due to its gentle, sting-free formula.

It offers a soothing clean that respects delicate oral tissues, providing relief and long-term support without harsh chemicals.

The unflavored base, with an optional mint dropper, allows for personalized comfort, making it a versatile choice for any oral care routine.


  • Does not cause any irritation, perfect for sensitive mouths
  • Successfully eliminates bad breath-causing bacteria
  • Flavor control with an optional flavor dropper for tailored taste


  • Lacks immediate noticeable freshness due to being unflavored
  • Measurement for dosage isn’t clear on the bottle
  • Benefits take time to become apparent

Your sensitive teeth will appreciate the gentleness of CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash, offering comfort without the burn.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should look for mouthwash containing potassium nitrate for nerve desensitization, fluoride for enamel strengthening, and without harsh ingredients like alcohol, which can cause irritation.

Yes, Sensodyne mouthwash is specifically formulated to help reduce tooth sensitivity and is effective in restoring enamel due to the presence of fluoride and other compounds designed for sensitive teeth.

Natural mouthwash options often include aloe vera, chamomile, and myrrh which are known for their gentle soothing properties. They typically do not contain alcohol or artificial sweeteners, making them suitable for sensitive teeth.

Mouthwash helps by creating a protective barrier over the teeth, reducing the transmission of sensations that cause pain, and often contains ingredients that strengthen the enamel, lowering the chance of sensitivity.

Dentists often suggest mouthwashes like Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief or ACT Total Care Sensitive Formula since they have ingredients that protect against sensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel.

For quick relief, use a mouthwash designed for sensitive teeth twice daily. Use it after brushing. Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after using it to allow the active ingredients to work effectively.

My Experience & Expertise

As a dentist, I understand the importance of choosing the right mouthwash for sensitive teeth. It’s crucial to select a product that not only alleviates discomfort but also addresses the root causes of sensitivity, such as enamel erosion and gum recession.

A good mouthwash for sensitive teeth should have a gentle formula free from harsh ingredients that can exacerbate sensitivity issues. It should contain active ingredients like fluoride to strengthen enamel and combat decay.

Need a second opinion? We can help! Learn more. Knowledge is power when cultivating healthy dental habits. The more informed you are, the better positioned you’ll be to prevent avoidable and potentially costly dental procedures for you and your family. Watch for future blog posts, where we’ll continue sharing important information, product reviews and practical advice!

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