Allow us to evaluate your proposed dental work!

Allow us to evaluate your proposed
dental work!

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With My Dental Advocate, patients of all ages now have an unbiased, expert second opinion to securely review their proposed dental treatment and gain the knowledge to improve their oral health.

Katlyn from Texas | Smiling girl testimonial picture

“I established care with a new dentist shortly after moving to a new area. He recommended a crown due to a chipped tooth. I only had a few fillings in my life and the thought of a crown terrified me. I reached out to My Dental Advocate and after reviewing my case the dentist did not believe a crown was necessary. This provided me with the confidence I needed to search for another dentist in town and he agreed with my dental advocate that only a filling was necessary. Thank you my dental advocate for saving my tooth.”

Katlyn, Texas
Tony from Arizona Testimonial headshot

“I have TMJ and my then dentist recommended a mouthguard. At the financial disclosure phase I learned the appliance was a couple thousand dollars. The price came at a shock. My Dental Advocate said I would get relief from a standard appliance whereas the cost would be in the area of a $75.00 appliance. It worked just perfect. Thanks to My Dental Advocate it works perfectly, achieving relief at a very low cost.”

Tony, Arizona
Rita from Texas testimonial headshot

“I went to my dentist who told me I had a cavity on a molar that couldn’t be repaired and needed to be extracted. I haven’t had a cavity in 10 years! Needless to say I was skeptical and frustrated that the cavity wasn’t discovered earlier. I reached out to My Dental Advocate for a second opinion after finding them online. They quickly responded with a full report informing me that they agreed with the findings and even went into detail why it needed to be extracted. They also shared with me options to replace the tooth. I highly recommend them for an online second opinion!”

Rita, Texas

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BURST Sonic Toothbrush

  • $39 w/promo code UF4JEC ($69 retail)
  • 33,000 sonic vibrations/min
  • Multi-length charcoal bristles
  • Removes 10x more plaque
  • Subscription replacement heads

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