5 Best Mouthwash for Bleeding Gums 2024 (Dentist Recommended)

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Dr. Matthew Hannan | My Dental Advocate
5 Best Mouthwash for Bleeding Gums | My Dental Advocate

Bleeding gums can be alarming and uncomfortable, often signaling underlying dental concerns.

But there’s hope in combatting and preventing this issue – and it begins right in your bathroom cabinet.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the best mouthwashes on the market, understanding their ingredients, benefits, and how they can become a potent ally in your fight against gum troubles.

As an experienced dentist with years of experience, I’ve tested and evaluated 250+ dental products. I strive to find the best products for achieving excellent oral hygiene, so let’s take a closer look at the Best Mouthwash for Bleeding Gums from a dentist’s perspective.

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Buying Guide

  1. Best Overall: Parodontax Active Gum Health Mouthwash
  2. Best Sensitivity: StellaLife VEGA Oral Rinse
  3. Best Value: Listerine Gum Therapy Mouthwash
  4. Best Natural: The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Rinse
  5. Best Bad Breath: TheraBreath Healthy Gums Mouthwash

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What Causes Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding gums, though common, should never be ignored. They can signify several dental health issues, ranging from mild to severe.

Common Causes

  1. Poor Oral Hygiene: Skipping regular brushing or flossing can lead to plaque buildup, which can irritate the gums and cause bleeding.
  2. Gingivitis: This is the first stage of gum disease. The accumulation of plaque on the teeth can cause inflammation in the gums, making them tender and likely to bleed.
  3. Medications: Some medications, especially blood thinners, can increase the likelihood of bleeding gums.
  4. Hard Brushing: Using a toothbrush with hard bristles or brushing too aggressively can damage the gums and lead to bleeding.
  5. Pregnancy Gingivitis: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make gums more susceptible to plaque and lead to inflammation and bleeding.
  6. Medical Conditions: Certain diseases, such as diabetes and blood disorders, can increase the risk of gum problems.

Knowing the cause of bleeding gums is the first step to finding the right treatment. In many cases, improving oral hygiene habits and using specialized products, such as specific mouthwashes, can significantly reduce or even eliminate the problem.

The Role of Mouthwash in Gum Health

Mouthwash, often seen as a secondary player in the oral hygiene regimen, is a potent tool for maintaining and improving gum health.

Key Factors

  1. Deep Cleaning: Mouthwashes reach where toothbrushes or floss might miss. They can effectively clean between teeth and below the gumline, helping remove trapped food particles and bacteria.
  2. Antiseptic Properties: Many mouthwashes come with antiseptic ingredients that kill harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of infections and gum diseases like gingivitis.
  3. Anti-inflammatory Benefits: Some specialized mouthwashes for gum health contain ingredients that soothe inflamed gums, offering relief from tenderness and reducing bleeding.
  4. Strengthens Enamel: Fluoride-based mouthwashes help in strengthening the enamel, preventing tooth decay, and indirectly protecting the gums from bacterial harm.
  5. Reduces Plaque: Mouthwashes can inhibit the growth of plaque, which, if left untreated, can lead to tartar buildup and further gum issues.
  6. Freshens Breath: While ensuring gum health, mouthwashes also combat bad breath, giving you added confidence in your daily interactions.

Incorporating the right mouthwash into your daily routine can significantly bolster your fight against gum problems.

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Key Ingredients to Look for in Mouthwashes

Navigating the myriad of mouthwash options can be overwhelming. However, certain ingredients stand out for their efficacy when targeting bleeding gums specifically.

Key Ingredients

  1. Chlorhexidine Gluconate: A powerful antiseptic, this ingredient is often found in prescription mouthwashes. It combats bacteria responsible for gum diseases like gingivitis but may cause teeth staining with prolonged use.
  2. Fluoride: Not only does fluoride strengthen tooth enamel and prevent cavities, but a healthy tooth structure indirectly supports gum health by providing a solid foundation.
  3. Cetylpyridinium Chloride: An antimicrobial agent, it targets bacteria and helps reduce plaque formation, thereby preventing gum inflammation.
  4. Aloe Vera: Known for its soothing properties, aloe vera can help alleviate inflamed gums and reduce gum bleeding.
  5. Eucalyptol and Menthol: Both are natural essential oils with antiseptic properties that help in reducing gum inflammation and freshening breath.
  6. Xylitol: Beyond its sweetening properties, xylitol can inhibit the growth of harmful oral bacteria, preventing plaque buildup and supporting gum health.
  7. Hyaluronic Acid: A lesser-known ingredient in oral care, it helps in repairing gum tissues, promoting faster healing, and reducing inflammation.

Always consult with a dentist or oral health professional when choosing a mouthwash, especially if you have specific concerns.

Top 5 Best Mouthwash for Bleeding Gums

Navigating the world of oral care products can be a daunting task with the myriad of options available. When it comes to bleeding gums, choosing the right mouthwash is crucial.

We’ve curated a list of the top 5 mouthwashes renowned for their efficacy in addressing and preventing gum bleeding. Each product has been selected based on its ingredients, customer reviews, and my own personal dentist recommendation.

1. Parodontax Active Gum Health Mouthwash (Best Overall)

Antibacterial Shield
Parodontax Active Gum Health Mouthwash
$18.36 ($0.36 / Fl Oz)

Enhance your gum care routine and help take control over bleeding gums with Parodontax Active Gum Health Mouthwash.

Designed for people with bleeding gums and free from alcohol and formulated with Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC), this oral rinse is designed to kill 99.9 percent of plaque bacteria (1) that builds up along the gum line, one of the main causes of bleeding gums.

With daily use, this mouth rinse forms an antibacterial shield (1) that helps prevent the build-up of plaque bacteria to help take back your gum health. This antiplaque and antigingivitis mouthwash has a mint flavor to help keep your mouth fresh and clean.

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05/26/2024 07:05 pm GMT

Dentist Review

Parodontax Active Gum Health Mouthwash is the best overall mouthwash for bleeding gums. It could be the game-changer for those grappling with bleeding gums and seeking a potent solution.

Its combination of effective ingredients, 24-hour protection, and the seal of approval from many satisfied users make it the best overall choice in the market.


  • Key Ingredients: The mouthwash boasts a blend of proprietary ingredients specially formulated to combat gum issues.
  • Anti-Plaque & Anti-Gingivitis: Parodontax is clinically proven to help reduce plaque and treat bleeding gums, addressing the root cause of gum issues.
  • 24-Hour Protection: With twice daily use, this mouthwash offers around-the-clock defense against bacteria, ensuring your gums remain protected all day.
  • Refreshing Flavor: Parodontax offers a refreshing flavor beyond its therapeutic benefits, ensuring your mouth feels fresh and clean after every rinse.
  • Highly Recommended: The numerous positive reviews and recommendations from users and dental professionals underscore its efficacy in treating bleeding gums.

2. StellaLife VEGA Oral Rinse (Best Sensitivity)

Advanced Healing Formula
StellaLife Vega Advanced Healing Oral Rinse

StellaLife VEGA Oral Coconut Rinse is a natural, antimicrobial product that has been formulated to hydrate the oral cavity, promote healthy gums, maintain oral health, and freshen breath.

The patented rinse supports healthy healing following oral surgery and periodontal treatment. The rinse is specially formulated for patient with a sensitive mouth.

The rinse is also uniquely designed for patients undergoing chemo and radiation treatments and patients with various oral cavity inflammatory conditions.

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Dentist Review

Dealing with bleeding gums can be challenging, and it’s even more so when coupled with tooth sensitivity. Enter StellaLife VEGA Oral Rinse, a product that addresses both these concerns head-on.


  • Natural Ingredients: StellaLife uses a blend of natural ingredients, ensuring gentle care without harsh chemicals.
  • Dual-Action: Designed to not only reduce gum bleeding but also alleviate tooth and gum sensitivity, offering comprehensive oral care.
  • Antimicrobial Benefits: Its unique formula offers antimicrobial properties, warding off harmful bacteria that can exacerbate oral issues.
  • Promotes Healing: Beyond immediate relief, StellaLife VEGA is known to accelerate healing, beneficial for post-dental procedures or injury.
  • Highly Rated: With a myriad of positive reviews, users have vouched for its effectiveness in managing both gum health and sensitivity.

In a nutshell, StellaLife VEGA Oral Rinse emerges as the go-to solution for those battling the dual challenges of sensitivity and bleeding gums, encapsulating nature’s best with advanced oral care technology.

3. Listerine Gum Therapy Mouthwash (Best Value)

Best Gum Detoxify
Listerine Gum Therapy Antiplaque & Anti-Gingivitis Mouthwash
$10.65 $7.98 ($0.24 / Fl Oz)

The creator of Listerine, Dr. Joseph Lawrence, named the formulation after Dr. Baron Lister, an English surgeon who performed the first operation in a sterilized chamber disinfected with pulverized antiseptic.

Dr. Lawrence created his formulation to kill germs in tissues like your mouth. As a result, Listerine has the widest variety of mouthwash compared to other brands, offering four different bottle sizes.

Listerine Gum Therapy uses a combination of active ingredients to fight off bacteria.

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05/26/2024 04:55 pm GMT

Dentist Review

For those looking to address bleeding gums without stretching their budget, Listerine Gum Therapy Antiseptic Mouthwash offers both reliability and affordability.


  • Proven Brand Legacy: Listerine has long been a trusted name in oral care, bringing decades of research and expertise to its products.
  • Advanced Formula: Targeted specifically for gum health, this mouthwash goes deep below the gumline to fight harmful bacteria, addressing the root cause of bleeding gums.
  • Economical Choice: While being highly effective, Listerine Gum Therapy remains budget-friendly, making consistent oral care accessible for all.
  • ADA Accepted: This seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association adds an extra layer of trust, ensuring its efficacy and safety.
  • User Testimonials: With many positive reviews, users consistently praise its effectiveness in reducing gum bleeding while also being light on the wallet.

4. The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Rinse (Best Natural)

Best All-Natural
The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Mouthwash
$16.73 ($0.99 / Fl Oz)

The Natural Dentist was founded to support oral health with natural, non-irritating ingredients.

Healthy gums don’t bleed; this product seeks to remove bacteria that lead to an inflammatory response in the mouth. According to clinical trials, Aloe vera is the active antimicrobial ingredient that beats prescription oral rinses.

Aloe vera has been known for its healing and soothing properties for thousands of years.

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05/27/2024 06:15 pm GMT

Dentist Review

For those searching for a natural remedy for bleeding gums, The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Rinse rises to the top. The Natural Dentist Mouthwash combines nature’s best with proven efficacy, making it a top pick in the all-natural category.


  • Herbal Ingredients: Packed with a blend of soothing aloe vera and other botanicals, it offers genuine relief without synthetic additives.
  • Clinically-Backed: Despite its natural formulation, it’s proven to treat bleeding gums and prevent gingivitis effectively.
  • Alcohol-Free: Provides a comfortable rinse experience without the burn, ideal for sensitive gums.
  • Eco-Conscious: Not only good for you but also the planet; cruelty-free and sustainably sourced ingredients are a testament to its environmental commitment.
  • User Approved: A plethora of positive reviews highlight its effectiveness, with many users noting significant improvement in gum health.

5. TheraBreath Healthy Gums Mouthwash (Best Bad Breath)

TheraBreath Healthy Gums Periodontist Formulated 24-Hour Oral Rinse
$28.00 $17.41 ($0.54 / Fl Oz)

It is estimated that nearly 50% of the population of the United States lives with gum disease in some form.

Whether you’re noticing sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, or have been diagnosed with gingivitis, TheraBreath Healthy Gums Oral Rinse is an effective solution.

Healthy Gums Oral Rinse is a safe and effective treatment to fight bacteria and common symptoms of gum disease, which can also be related to diabetes.

Dr. Katz’s Healthy Gums Oral Rinse is periodontist-formulated to help people living with gum disease.

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05/26/2024 11:20 am GMT

Dentist Review

Combating both bad breath and bleeding gums is no small feat, but TheraBreath Healthy Gums Mouthwash manages to do just that. Here’s a succinct overview of why this product excels in tackling these twin challenges:


  • Dual Action Formula: Specially designed to address both halitosis and gum health, it offers comprehensive oral care in one bottle.
  • Periodontist Formulated: Crafted by Dr. Harold Katz, a dentist and bacteriologist, its formula is rooted in professional expertise ensuring top-notch results.
  • Oxygenating Agents: One of the key ingredients, OXYD-8, neutralizes bad breath-causing bacteria, providing fresh breath that lasts.
  • Gum Health Boost: With cetylpyridinium chloride, it combats the bacteria leading to gum bleeding, promoting healthier gums.
  • No Nasty Additives: Free from artificial colors, flavors, and alcohol, it ensures a gentle rinse experience without compromising effectiveness.
  • User Praise: A consistent favorite among users, reviews laud its dual efficacy in improving gum health and eliminating bad breath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes, several factors can contribute to bleeding gums. These include:

  • Smoking or using tobacco products
  • Taking certain medications, like blood thinners
  • Vitamin deficiencies, particularly Vitamin C and K
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, or puberty
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, blood disorders, or conditions that weaken the immune system

Prevention often involves maintaining good oral hygiene. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Ensure you’re not brushing too hard as that can also cause bleeding.
  • Floss daily to remove food particles and plaque between teeth.
  • Rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to reduce bacteria that can cause plaque and gum disease.
  • Regularly visit your dentist for check-ups and cleanings.

While bleeding gums primarily indicate gingivitis or periodontitis, they can sometimes be a symptom of more severe health issues. Conditions like leukemia, platelet disorders, or other diseases that affect clotting can manifest as bleeding gums. If you’ve addressed oral hygiene and still experience bleeding, it’s essential to consult with a dentist or medical professional to rule out underlying health concerns.

My Experience & Expertise

As a dentist, I understand the intricacies of oral health and the importance of choosing the right products for specific issues.

Bleeding gums, often a sign of underlying gum disease, need targeted care.

Pair that with concerns like sensitivity or bad breath, and the choice becomes even more critical. Through rigorous examination and based on years of professional experience, I’ve highlighted the best mouthwashes for varied needs.

Remember, while these products offer a significant boost in oral hygiene, regular dental check-ups are imperative. Prioritize your oral health, and you’re taking a crucial step towards overall well-being.

Need a second opinion? We can help! Learn more. Knowledge is power when cultivating healthy dental habits. The more informed you are, the better positioned you’ll be to prevent avoidable and potentially costly dental procedures for you and your family. Watch for future blog posts, where we’ll continue sharing important information, product reviews and practical advice!

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Dr. Matthew Hannan, also known as “Dr. Advocate,” is a board-certified dentist on a mission to provide accurate dental patient education. He attended Baylor University before completing dental school at UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry. He now lives in Arizona with his beautiful wife and 4 kids. Dr. Hannan believes everyone should access easy-to-read dental resources with relevant, up-to-date dental research and insight to improve their oral health.

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