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Educational resources are essential to understanding how to manage dental issues. Dental problems can be inconvenient, but some are preventable. We hope that these resources supplement your current knowledge and empower you to improve oral health.

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Teeth play a critical role for many aspects of our life, including chewing, speaking and improving self-esteem. Therefore, daily habits such as brushing and flossing are essential to minimizing dental-related issues. Fortunately, teeth can be repaired and replaced; however, our original set is always superior.

“They sure are handy when you smile. So keep your teeth around awhile!” -Dr. Seuss





Root Canals


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Gums and bone are the foundation for healthy teeth. Without solid support, teeth would be ineffective and unproductive. Some periodontal issues, such as bone loss, are irreversible, so it’s paramount to manage your oral health before it’s too late. Fortunately, many gum issues are preventable with proactive healthy habits.

Periodontal Maintenance


Scaling and Root Planing

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Dental specialists support patients and clinicians by excelling in focused aspects of dentistry. After years of additional training, they are well suited to manage even the most difficult dental-related cases. Their knowledge and expertise should give you peace of mind should their services ever be needed.


Oral Surgeon





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Advancements in clinical dentistry have paved the way for various treatment options to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are revolutionary and integrate with bone to form a secure attachment. In addition, oral appliances provide great value in assisting with chewing, speaking, self-esteem, and managing obstructive sleep apnea.



• Oral Appliances


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Here you will find additional resources to educate and empower you to improve your dental needs. The MDA verification report is an unbiased, expert second opinion of your proposed dental treatment completed privately and securely from the comfort of your own home.

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