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Updated: September 19, 2022

BURST Water Flosser | My Dental AdvocateBURST Oral Care seeks to “turn an outdated industry dominated by dinosaurs upside down.” BURST relies on thousands of BURST ambassadors (like me) – hygienists, dentists and dental assistants – to help design, refine and market. Their oral care products include a sonic toothbrush, kids’ sonic toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening trays and water flosser. Also, they recently launched an oral probiotic supplement.

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The BURST water flosser is modern, compact and cordless. It easily cleans hard-to-reach areas where harmful bacteria like to hide. In addition, the water flosser was developed after thousands of hours of research, development and BURST ambassadors’ suggestions. So say goodbye to clunky, immobile water flossers and welcome this portable multiple-mode water flosser. After using it for weeks, I was impressed with the portability and power along with three different flossing modes.

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BURST is well-positioned to carve out more space in the oral health care sector. We tested the water flosser to see how it stacks up to its competitors. If you’re interested in other dental products, check out their site HERE and use promo code UF4JEC at checkout. Let’s take a closer look at this slick water flosser, from a dentist’s perspective.

BURST water flosser retails for $89.99; however, if you use promo code UF4JEC at checkout, you can purchase it for $49.99!

BURST Water Flosser | My Dental Advocate

BURST water flosser

First impressions

The water flosser arrived neatly packaged containing the portable unit, water-resistant traveling bag, USB charging cable, classic water flosser tip and quick start instructions. The compact, cordless water flosser is surprisingly lightweight even after filling the water reservoir. The classic tip was easy to insert and swiveled 360 degrees to clean all surfaces. In addition, it features three flossing modes (turbo, standard and pulse) and up to 80 days of flossing on a single charge!

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The water flosser reservoir holds enough water for about 30-40 seconds before needing to refill. Also, the water flosser is water-resistant, so I recommend using it in the shower to spare your bathroom from water spray. In addition, it was comfortable to use along the gumline at a 90-degree angle. The standard mode was powerful and effective at removing food between the teeth. If you desire more power, hold down the smiley face button to switch between modes. I recommend using pulse mode (with the Ortho tip) if you have braces. Overall, we were impressed with how efficient, high-powered and portable the BURST water flosser was.

Innovative features

As someone who prefers traditional string floss, I’m always skeptical when testing water flossers. However, after trying this water flosser for several weeks, I was pleasantly surprised with how fun and effective it was to use. I love that you can switch tips (sold separately), each with a unique design.

BURST Water Flosser | My Dental Advocate

Perio tip & Ortho tip (sold separately)

For example, the classic tip is excellent for everyday use, whereas the perio tip features a slim nozzle with a slight bend for more precise cleaning under the gums. Also, the ortho tip features tiny clustered bristles in conjunction with water spray to clean in and around ortho brackets.

Let’s explore more remarkable features of this BURST water flosser.

  • Easy cleaning: Simply press the smiley face button and walk the tip along the gumline.
  • Fresh breath: Use the high-powered water spray to clean your tongue and throat (common areas that harbor bad-breath bacteria).
  • Healthy smile: Gently cleans between teeth and massages gums!
  • Subscription refills: $6 replacement water flosser tip every 24 weeks, cancel anytime.
  • 4 colors available: Black, white, lavender and rose gold.
  • 3 cleaning modes: Turbo, standard and pulse (massage).
  • 3 Replacement tips: Classic, perio and ortho (see picture).
  • 360-degree rotating precision tip.
  • 80 days of battery life on a single charge


After using BURST water flosser for weeks, I was pleased with its portability and usefulness. As I mentioned, I prefer traditional string floss; however, this water flosser is having me re-think my nightly oral care routine. In addition, the four available color options are incredibly slick and stylish.

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Unlike other water flossers, BURST water flosser is highly-powerful and effectively cleaned my teeth (Dentist approved)! I’ve been using BURST water flosser for 2 weeks and I’m still impressed with its ability to blast away food in hard-to-reach areas.

BURST Water Flosser | My Dental Advocate

  • 4 color options (black, white, lavender & rose gold)
  • 3 flossing modes (turbo, standard & pulse)
  • 3 replacement flosser tips (classic, perio & ortho)
  • 360-degree rotating precision tip
  • 80 days of battery life per charge
  • Compact and cordless
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Water-resistant
  • Features USB charging cable + travel bag
  • Backed by 30k BURST ambassadors
  • Subscription flosser tip refills
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Limited water reservoir (30-40 seconds of water)
  • Competitors feature more tip options
  • Upright position required during use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Don't panic!

  1. Plug the water flosser into a wall charging block using USB cable.
  2. Hold the power button for three seconds.
  3. The + sign will flash red to show it has been reset.

As long as you stay subscribed to replacement tips, you have a lifetime warranty. Contact hello@burstoralcare.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Unplug before you clean it. Use warm water to clean reservoir followed by wiping it down with a cloth. Clean as often as necessary.

Store the device somewhere clean and dry. Make sure the reservoir is emptied after and between uses for storage.

Final thoughts

BURST is reimagining the oral care industry by aligning with dental professionals (dentists & hygienists); what’s not to love about this high-powered traditional string floss alternative? For just $49.99 (using promo code: UF4JEC), you receive a super powerful, cordless and travel-ready water flosser. Try it today, and let us know what you think.

My Dental Advocate Score | 9.6/10

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