Truthbrush Product Review 2023 (Dentist Recommended)

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Dentist Tested and Reviewed
Dr. Matthew Hannan | My Dental Advocate
Author: Matt Hannan, DDS
Updated: August 25, 2023
Truthbrush review dentist recommended | My Dental Advocate

Truthbrush is the world’s FIRST fitness tracker for your mouth! Gone are the days of slacking off while your brush. Never miss a spot to clean again. The Truthbrush is an innovative solution to track all brushing movements on a manual or electric toothbrush. Slide the tracker onto your brush head and brush away.

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The Truthbrush tracker is waterproof and protected by silicon “skins.” Children will love the various kid-loving skins, including a unicorn, astronaut or panda bear.

Check out more Truthbrush skin options. In addition, the Truthbrush app changes how my kids and I talk about building teeth-brushing habits. The push notifications, user-friendly app and professional recommendations motivate my kids and me to improve.

Check out the Truthbrush below for 10% OFF!

Truthbrush Review | My Dental Advocate

First impressions

The Truthbrush bundle arrived neatly packaged and consisted of a Tracker and Hub; both are required for the system to work.

A great perk is that each Hub can support multiple Trackers simultaneously. You can add additional Hubs for expanded coverage area; however, we use a single Hub across two bathrooms (3 trackers).

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As a dentist, I was blown away by how effectively it tracked every movement across my mouth. It sparked a newfound enjoyment for brushing again. Syncing was simple – there were no buttons to push – everything was automatic. I don’t even have to have my phone present to capture the data or sync. Everything is done via Wifi!

In addition, the user interface within the app is clutter-free, intuitive and straightforward enough for my kids to use. Truthbrush designed an exciting toothbrush tracker to motivate children, allow parents to monitor their progress and even send reports to their dentist!

“Truthbrush is a revolutionary dental product that tracks, educates and empowers patients to better understand their oral health.” ~ Dr. Advocate


With Truthbrush, you can develop independent and healthy brushing habits for a fraction of the cost. Alternative methods of toothbrush-tracking include purchasing a premium, high-dollar electric toothbrush for $200+. Truthbrush provides greater technological tracking while being versatile for ANY (manual or electric) type of toothbrush.

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Let’s take a closer look at the pricing of Truthbrush products (prices may vary).

Truthbrush Classic

  • Classic bundle (tracker + hub) = $36
  • Extra tracker = $23
  • Most advanced tracking technology
  • Built-in battery lasts up to 12 months
  • Pairs with app to set goals
  • Get feedback, earn rewards and share with your dentist
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 30-day guarantee

Truthbrush Pro

  • Pro bundle (tracker + hub) = $41
  • Extra tracker = $27
  • Next-generation oral care tracking technology
  • Multi-year functionality with replaceable battery
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Louder beep timer & longer wireless range
  • Pairs with app to set goals
  • Get feedback, earn rewards and share with your dentist

Multi-User Bundle

  • Pro = $63
  • Classic = $54
  • Skins collection = $20
  • Includes the new (2023 model year)
  • Pro Trackers (battery replaceable)
  • 1 data collection Hub and decorative Skins
  • Each bundle is ready to use

Truthbrush Skins

  • Skins = $5
  • Kid-loving skins
  • Works with Classic & Pro Trackers
  • Easy to replace and clean
  • Collect them all!
Truthbrush User Screen

Truthbrush Hubs

  • Standard/travel hub = $14
  • Connect trackers with a WiFi signal
  • At least 1 Truthbrush hub is required
  • Add additional hubs if needed

Truthbrush is a modern and fun way to improve your family’s oral health!

How it works

Truthbrush changes how you interact, coach, and build positive habits with your family. Reliable monitoring in the background, no phone needed in the bathroom, and no addictive games. Bring the fun back to brushing!

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Truthbrush is designed to collect brush data over time. Identifying patterns with accurate, reliable information allows you to make the right adjustments. The hub unit can be plugged into any wall outlet and connects to your wifi. It passively collects and passes all brush data to a secure server where it can be analyzed and made available for viewing in your mobile app or by your dentist. How cool is that?

Connect with your dentist!

Truthbrush is a connected device that provides real-time, actionable information on your brush habits that can be instantly sent to your dentist. As a result, your dentist will be alerted and inform patients who need assistance and can reach out to them naturally and unobtrusive way. In addition, the dentist can provide new services for coaching and building excellent home care habits.

Truthbrush Packaging | My Dental Advocate

Innovative features

As a dentist, I always look for products to help my patients improve their oral health. I often encounter patients that “think” they are brushing well enough and wonder why they have gum disease. Many patients desire to improve their gum health but only have a few healthy habits. I believe Truthbrush is a product that will revolutionize oral health and patient connectivity. It’s straightforward and provides numerous data points to improve brushing habits.

Let’s explore how Truthbrush will revolutionize oral home care habits. 

  • 96% of users showed significantly improved mouth coverage after first month
  • 84% of users brush for longer than 90 seconds after 3 months using Truthbrush
  • 62% of users improved their daily brush counts after 1 month, with average improvement of 40%

My kids look forward to brushing their teeth and race to my phone to check their brushing scores!

User Interface

Check out the screenshots to learn more!

  • The Truthbrush Hub passively collects data
  • Instantly passes all brush data to the app
  • No phone needs to be present
  • No app needs to be launched
  • No need to turn on Bluetooth
  • Focus on brushing first!

Truthbrush badges | My Dental Advocate

Truthbrush family | My Dental Advocate

Truthbrush app | My Dental Advocate


I have four children, two of whom are old enough to use the Truthbrush. I was excited to get the Truthbrush app on my phone and on the kid’s devices. I can accompany their habits, but now, they can also accompany mine. Togeter we are all doing better! I also knew they would enjoy using the tracker, but I was shocked by how much improvement I saw from them over many months.

Aside from the innovative technology, I greatly appreciate this product because it brings excitement back to mundane tasks like brushing teeth. In addition, I can monitor my children’s brushing habits and coach them on areas to improve. In turn, it empowers them to improve their oral health, develop lasting habits and enjoy the process. Check it out to learn more!
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Reliable monitoring in the background, no phone needed in the bathroom and no addictive games!

Product Pros

  • Connect & inspire better brushing
  • Coach, interact & build healthy habits
  • Set goals, earn badges & rewards
  • Personalized oral care metrics
  • Connects to manual & electric toothbrush
  • Customized timer
  • Fully automatic interface
  • Collect fun truthbrush skins
  • Automatic data capture & syncing
  • Compete with friends & family
  • Keep track of entire family
  • View brush duration and count data
  • Send information to dentist

Product Cons

  • New tracker needed after 12 months (Classic only)
  • Only tracks brushing (flossing would be great)
  • Requires Wifi & bluetooth

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Truthbrush hub is a unit that plugs into any wall outlet. The hub connects to the local Wi-Fi and routes data from all Truthbrush trackers within a 30 ft. range to the Truthbrush service. The hub collects data passively in the background.

The hub is designed to accommodate multiple Truthbrush trackers. The hub will collect data from all trackers within 30 ft. Multiple hubs can be used in large homes where the bathrooms might be spread out.

No, Truthbrush is specifically designed to avoid bringing a phone into the bathroom or the need to open an any app. Your phone can be turned off and it will not impact the ability for Truthbrush to collect data. Parents do not want their kids looking at the phone in the bathroom and the data can never be reliably collected when the phone is required.

The Truthbrush tracker is IPX4 water-resistant and will work properly under normal brushing conditions. This includes the water and toothpaste that may contact the tracker during brushing and cleaning.

No, Truthbrush is designed so that you simply pick up the toothbrush and brush as you normally do, there are no stop or start buttons! The tracker will wake up on its own when you list the toothbrush and start recording. Truthbrush can tell the difference between toothbrushing activity and simply applying toothpaste or cleaning. The resulting data will reflect actual brush activity.

Yes! Multi-tracker multi-user at the same time, with data collection handled by the hub seamlessly.

Final thoughts

If you struggle to keep up with your children’s brushing or desire to improve your oral health, Truthbrush is for you! This innovative dental product is inexpensive, intuitive and technologically advanced to provide detailed statistics. Check out the Truthbrush website or click below to take advantage of 10% OFF!

My Dental Advocate Score | 9.8/10

Knowledge is power when cultivating healthy dental habits. The more informed you are, the better positioned you’ll be to prevent avoidable and potentially costly dental procedures for you and your family. Watch for future blog posts, where we’ll continue sharing important information, product reviews and practical advice!